Introducing Startup Macedonia

We believe in the importance of connecting, strengthening and growing the startup ecosystem of Macedonia. There is a great potential for starting and growing a business here due to exceptional access to talent, networks, knowledge and markets.

Macedonia is under-used potential for innovation that has yet to be discovered. In order to release the full potential of startups in Macedonia we need an ecosystem that will support their development. Therefore, Startup Macedonia is here to help!

We are an association created by a group of Macedonian startup enthusiasts, experts, investors, accelerators, and other organizations, who have one common goal: to connect the Macedonian startup community through a data – driven approach and encourage and help create favorable work environment for startups in Macedonia.

Mission: With the support by our wide network of key actors in the innovation ecosystem, we aim to unite the Macedonian startup ecosystem into one single connected hub by driving digital transformation to connect, visualize and make data flow within the ecosystem.‚Äč

Vision: Building and scaling startups, supporting entrepreneurship and innovation by empowering ecosystem development through standardization, unified methodology, framework and tools for data-driven development.

Goals: Global recognition of the great potential that the Macedonian startup community has. Change the world through innovation!

Startup Macedonia has three focus areas. The first is digitalization of the ecosystem by making the ecosystem visible through data and measurable KPIs. The second is helping the startup support organizations to improve and accommodate their services according to the market needs. The last one is to make the Macedonia One Single Connected Hub and strengthen the Macedonian networks nationally and internationally.

The association will strive towards achieving the following objectives:

  • Connecting the startup ecosystem through creation of data-driven platform of startup support organizations, startups and investors including other members of the startup ecosystem like mentors and experts to share data and KPIs;
  • Encouraging of open dialogue among all stakeholders in the ecosystem in order to identify problems, solutions and elimination of obstacles that hinder the growth of startups in Macedonia;
  • Empowering national and international cooperation between startups, startup support organizations, investment funds and other ecosystem actors;
  • Encouraging the innovation culture, entrepreneurial spirit and investments in startups;
  • Supporting and encouraging initiatives to improve the legal framework that applies to startups and investments;
  • Aggregation and promotion of startup events
  • Establishing international collaborations and partnerships with similar associations and organization;
  • Creating a complete full support system for the startups in Macedonia.

If you support our mission and goals please join us, because together we are stronger!