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Our mission is to inspire innovation, development, and networking between startups and all the local stakeholders which are part of the eco-system in order to build a better startup community.

Your next startup can be in Macedonia!

It only takes 24 hours to set-up your new company in Macedonia! Build your business in a country that is known for its affordable lifestyle, great talents, and delicious food

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Your startup is part of the Community!

Join Startup Macedonia and its community of founders, experts, entrepreneurs, startup organizations and enthusiasts. They are all cool and passionate people who love to innovate and build great products. 

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Your organization can be a part of something great!

Your organization can join the great community and a dozen of others who are pushing for a positive change by mentoring and working together with startups.

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Help us Build a better Ecosystem.

Startup Macedonia has so far organized few major startup events, including Startup Europe Week and Global Entrepreneurship Week. Feel free to ask us to promote your event and agenda, as long as the goal is building an ecosystem that can deliver innovation and progressive mindset. 

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Why Startup Macedonia?

We Promote the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Startup Macedonia was formed with the goal to promote and encourage the innovation culture and open dialogue in the ecosystem in inspire growth.

Encourage Collaboration

Support the collaboration between startups, business communities, research and development centers to encourage innovation.

Provide Legal Support

Macedonian startup scene needs to be built on foundations that can provide legal and legislative support for the modern and innovative companies.

Provide Access to International Networks

To connect local startups to international networks of entrepreneurs, startup organizations, mentors, investors, and events.

Help Startups Grow

The Macedonia startup scene needed a champion – someone who can give voice to startups, gather support and help startup organizations improve.

Promote Startup Events

To be an event aggregator – to help organizations promote and invite its community to the hundreds of startup events we see each year.

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