Ecosystem Research

Before we can have an efficient and competitive startup ecosystem, we have to understand the context of the society we are building it in; its ambition and know-how that is shared; and the talent that is available. 

In collaboration with USAID BEP, following Startup Common’s framework for ecosystem development, Startup Macedonia from January to April 2018 engaged in conversation with startups and support organization to identify key challenges and opportunities for an ecosystem growth. 

The results are presented in the research “Connecting the Macedonian Ecosystem, 2018”, which is available for download. 

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Meet the community, the ecosystem enablers, the experts.

“We – as a community – must step up. Startups have potential to bring innovation to all industries, while making a positive impact on our society”, Startup Macedonia.

“Motivated by the startup’s potential, the USAID BEP is taking an active role in aligning the supply and demand of services within the ecosystem”, Mirjana Makedonska, USAID BEP.

“Developing a successful ecosystem for entrepreneurship and innovation, is a systematic process that requires careful long-term planning”, Oscar Ramirez, Startup Commons.

Watch the introduction and some insights to the Macedonian Ecosystem Research.
For more detailed info please see the research itself.

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